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Here is a highlight of changes in each versions. If you need further details, follow merged Pull request pages.


  • Suggest to run with –verbose on error.

ldap2pg 6.0

6.0 is a major release including a complete rewrite of ldap2pg in Go.

Please carefully test before upgrading on production system.

Breaking changes

  • Command line options have changed.
  • New format version: 6. ldap2pg refuses version 5 files.
  • Dropped support for PostgreSQL 9.4.
  • Dropped case renaming of role. e.g. from alice to ALICE. ldap2pg is still case sensitive.
  • Dropped owners_query for a new dynamic owner inspection.
  • Non implemented features:
    • role_match condition.
    • allowed_missing_attributes and LDAP attribute typo detection.
    • on_unexpected_dn. ldap2pg always warn and skip.
    • configuring PostgreSQL connexion through postgres:dsn. Use PG* env var.
    • configuring LDAP connexion through ldap dict. Use LDAP* env vars and ldaprc.
  • A single sub-search is supported per main LDAP search.
  • No custom privileges inspection.
  • Docker image is now based on Alpine Linux 3.18.
  • Docker image tag latest points to last stable image.
  • Docker image tag nightly points to last commit on master.
  • Refuse to grant privilege on unmanaged role.

Unimplemented feature may be reimplemented depending on feedback!

New features and behaviour

  • logfmt output.
  • New role:config section allowing to set per role PostgreSQL parameter. For all databases only.
  • Managed roles can now inherit local role.
  • New --skip-privilege option. Ignore privileges and grant from configuration.
  • New owner field of grant rule, default to __auto__.
  • New __auto__ owner value.
  • Inspect object owners after CREATE privilege is synchronized. It’s the set of all managed roles having CREATE privilege on the target schema of the grant.
  • Default database inspection restricted to those running user can reassign objects to owner.
  • Default schema inspection restricted to usable ones by running user.
  • New privilege managed: LANGUAGE.
  • New expressive declaration of privilege in configuration.
  • Use a single database connexion at a time. ldap2pg scales better with the number of databases.
  • Synchronize privileges one at a time, saving a lot of memory.
  • 40 times less memory consumed for usual scenario.
  • up to 3 times less CPU consumed for usual scenario.
  • Debian and Alpine packages alongside RPM.
  • Docker image sizes now 17MB instead of 126MB.

ldap2pg 5.9

Released 2023-04-11.

  • Support for PostgreSQL 15.
  • Fix SASL mech error formatting.
  • Don’t remove member before dropping them.
  • Add datetime to starting message.
  • Add datetime to each logging operation.
  • Ensure password from YAML are string.
  • API: Default to current os.environ.

Support for running ldap2pg on Python 2.7 is now deprecated.

ldap2pg 5.8

Released 2022-06-10.

  • Fix custom SQL query for roles_blacklist_query.
  • Fix missing SASL modules in docker image.
  • Fix members not blacklisted for unmanaged roles.
  • Fix dropping member of managing role.
  • Terminate running session before dropping role.
  • Reassign database before dropping owner.
  • Reassign objects to database owner instead of managing role.
  • Configure fallback owner, default to managing role.
  • Set application_name to ldap2pg.
  • Configure SASL_MECH from YAML.
  • Build RHEL 8 package with Rockylinux 8
  • Move RHEL 7 package to Python 3.6.
  • Revamped documentation.

ldap2pg 5.7

Released 2021-11-19.

  • Tested on PostgreSQL 14.
  • Implement STARTTLS behaviour.
  • Docker image loads secrets file with _FILE env var.
  • Docker image executes initialization scripts in /docker-entrypoint.d.
  • Docker image based on Debian bullseye.
  • Handle bad syntax in ldaprc.
  • Handle bad database encoding.
  • Rename ldap to ldapsearch in rules.
  • Ignore spurious ldapsearch YAML parameter.
  • Search for .yaml file as well as .yml.
  • Drop legacy LDAP_BIND env var support. Use LDAPBINDDN instead.

ldap2pg 5.6

Released 2021-06-21.

  • Accepts .lower() and .upper() filters.
  • Rename from lower/upper case to mixed case.
  • Rename from mixed case to lower/upper case.
  • Search for /etc/openldap/ldap.conf too.
  • Protect role name when reassigning objects.
  • Apply LDAPCONF LDAPRC from environment.
  • Version config file. This will help manage breaking changes in ldap2pg.
  • Expose a Python API.
  • Fix default value for allow_missing_attributes.
  • Protect static rules mixed in dynamics rules instead of rejecting config.

ldap2pg 5.5

Released 2020-10-02.

  • Permit joins where all the referenced objects are filtered out. The join name must be added to the list of attributes that may be missing in the result.
  • Fail when attribute is misspelled. You must explicitly list attributes that may be missing in the result. By default, ldap2pg accepts missing member and considers it an empty list rather than a misspelled attribute.
  • Rewrite string generation from LDAP attribute to fix corner cases and inconsistency.
  • Fail when sub-querying on bad DN.
  • CentOS 8 support.
  • PostgreSQL 13 support.
  • Fix join order.

ldap2pg 5.4

Released 2020-06-11.

  • Fix grant to capitalized role.
  • Fix rename of members.
  • Log role after their originated LDAP search.
  • Add description: to mapping for logging.

ldap2pg 5.3

Released 2020-05-29.

  • Fix join when multiple entries are returned.
  • Fix using multiple attributes from joined entries.
  • Fix comment error with generated comment.
  • Fails if configuration file is not found.
  • Refuse empty configuration file.
  • Refuse undefined rules.
  • Update sample ldap2pg.yml for readability and general use.

ldap2pg 5.2

Released 2020-04-03.

Attention! This release has some behaviour changes. Some silenced errors are now raised when encountered. Please test on staging environment before deploying on production.

  • Fix ignored LDAP entries after unexpected DN.
  • Fix traceback when inspecting grants.
  • Fix role comment overridden on alter role.
  • Fix default configuration filename in ~/.config.
  • Refuse to mix static rules and ldap query.
  • Accepts an SQL query to list ignored roles. postgres:blacklist is renamed postgres:roles_blacklist_query. ldap2pg ensure backward compatibility.
  • Apply roles blacklist to LDAP results.
  • Generate unique comment per role instead of shared comment per rule.
  • Move on_unexpected_dn to ldap query.

ldap2pg 5.1

Released 2019-11-07.

Beware when upgrading : ldap2pg will rename roles having uppercase letter in their name! These roles will be renamed from lowercase to original case. Run ldap2pg --dry before and check for renames.

  • ldap2pg now respect case for role names. Thanks to Sergejs Zuromskis for the report.
  • Postgres 12 support validated.
  • Fix void attributes raising Missing attribute error.
  • Docker image now ensure ldap2pg is pinned to the desired version.
  • Moved to new homepage :

ldap2pg 5.0

Released 2019-08-26.

  • Fix default ldap settings overriding ldaprc values.
  • Allow joining LDAP entries based on DN attributes, e.g. to support role name synchronization using the Active Directory (AD) attributes sAMAccountName or userPrincipalName.
  • Let user choose psycopg2 distribution. Affects only pip.
  • Support GSSAPI authentification for Kerberos. Thanks @djkube for testing.

ldap2pg 4.18

  • Fix ref discarding.
  • Ship official docker image: dalibo/ldap2pg.
  • Parse LDAP settings from YAML too.

ldap2pg 4.17

  • Fix broken __usage_on_types__. Replaced by __default_usage_on_types__.
  • Gently raise connection errors.
  • Warn on possible typo in config key.

ldap2pg 4.16

  • Allow to customize comment on role creation.
  • Fix decoding Postgres error with utf-8 chars.
  • Include foreign tables in inspect ON ALL TABLES grants.

ldap2pg 4.15

  • Add Amazon RDS admin roles in default blacklist.
  • Skip pg_temp_* and pg_toast_temp_* schemas when inspecting grants.
  • Fix schema naïve privilege inspection.
  • Fix newly created roles excluded from privilege inspection.
  • Time LDAP searches, Postgres inspection and Postgres synchronization. Time delta are shown in debug messages.
  • Trace maximum memory used in debug message.
  • Reduce memory usage of grants and roles.

ldap2pg 4.14

  • Allow to exclude public from managed roles. When scoping ldap2pg to a subset of roles, ldap2pg was including the public role, always. Now you can include or exclude public by using managed_roles_query parameter. If you customized managed_roles_query you must update ldap2pg.yml to include public to keep the same behaviour. See Synchronize a subset of roles documentation section.

ldap2pg 4.13

  • Allow to configure behaviour on unexpected DN. Current behaviour are ignore, warn and fail. If a LDAP attribute has references different objectClass, accessing a RDN triggers an error. The on_unexpected_dn configuration key allows to configure this behaviour.
  • LDAPREFERRALS is now disabled by default, just like ldapsearch and other openldap tools. You must explicitly enable REFERRALS with LDAPREFERRALS=yes env var, or REFERRALS yes ldap.conf(1) parameter.

ldap2pg 4.12

  • Fix Bad search filter when using multiline YAML string.
  • Fix support for Postgres 9.3.

ldap2pg 4.11

  • Use PyYAML safe loading.
  • Don’t log -D switch for anonymous ldapsearch.
  • Refuse useless LDAP searches without attributes.
  • Manage binary decoding error.
  • Fix gathering of LDAP attributes on Python 2.

ldap2pg 4.10

  • Fine grained logging setup.
  • Unify roles and role_attribute with string formatting.

ldap2pg 4.9

  • Fix mix of parents in same role rule
  • Renamed acl to privilege in configuration. See documentation for details.
  • Run as non-superuser, in a degraded mode. See Cookbook for details.

ldap2pg 4.8

  • Fix traceback on unknown schema.
  • Check YAML gotchas.
  • Allow to define role option once even when defining roles twice.
  • pyldap has been merged in python-ldap. Dropping pyldap.

If you use pyldap to run ldap2pg on Python3, please either :

  • uninstall pyldap and switch to python-ldap 3.0.0. Do this in two steps : see for details.
  • switch to Python2 and use python-ldap.
  • keep running ldap2pg 4.7.

ldap2pg 4.7

  • Fix __usage_on_types__ regranted for each owner.
  • Fix ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES on blacklisted roles.
  • Warn about undetermined ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES.
  • Sort GRANT/REVOKE by dbname and role first.
  • Reuse existing role. Drop roles only from managed_roles_query.
  • Commit transaction when changing database. This increase performances a lot.

ldap2pg 4.6

  • Allow to inspect owners per schema.
  • Use configured database instead of hardcoded postgres.
  • Increase arbitrary database limit to 256.
  • Accept list for grant:databases and grant:schemas.

ldap2pg 4.5

  • Lint log level and messages.
  • Deduplicate LDAP auto-attributes.
  • Add parents_attribute to fetch parent from LDAP entry.
  • Comment roles with Managed by ldap2pg..

ldap2pg 4.4

  • Fix uninitialized ldap parameters.
  • Fix __all_on_schemas__ group including a sequences ACL.
  • Fix user drop with Postgres 9.4.
  • Fix traceback on unknown parent.
  • Fix traceback on unknown PGHOST.
  • Add *_on_tables__ ACL for all privileges on table.
  • Allow to customize managed databases with postgres:databases_query.
  • Allow pure static configuration (aka ldap2pg without LDAP).
  • Don’t revoke ACL granted to roles not in roles_query.
  • Don’t revoke ACL granted on schema not in schemas_query.

ldap2pg 4.3.1

  • Fix all procs ACL inspection.

ldap2pg 4.3

  • Fix case sensitivity in LDAP search. Thanks @dirks for report and tests.
  • Allow to customize owners for ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES with postgres:owners_query.
  • Don’t execlude pg_catalog from __all__ schema group.
  • Allow to customize schema introspection with postgres:schema_query.

ldap2pg 4.2

  • Support Postgres 9.4 and lower.
  • Manage ACL on views.
  • Autogenerate LDAP search attributes from mappings.
  • Fix case sensitivity of *_attribute.

ldap2pg 4.1

  • Merge role memberships when inspected twice.
  • Manage ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES on global schema.

ldap2pg 4.0

  • Deprecation: use acls: rather than acl_dict and acl_groups.
  • Deprecation: rules should be a list.
  • Deprecation: schema __all__ should be used instead of __all__.
  • Fix various tracebacks with errors in configuration or SQL queries.
  • Manage grants to public role.
  • Provide new well known ACL for, __temporary__, __create_on_schema__.
  • Provide __all_on_tables__, __all_on_schemas__ and __all_on_sequences__ well known ACL groups.

ldap2pg 3.4

  • Fix unicode error on logging SQL query.
  • Fix traceback on nonexistent database in ACL.
  • Fix various configuration loading errors.
  • Fix Distinguished Name case sensitivity.
  • Provide well known ACLs.
  • Merge acl_dict and acl_groups in acls.
  • Support psycopg2 2.0.
  • Support Python 2.6.
  • Tested on CentOS 6.
  • Show detailed version informations.
  • Show YAML parsing error.
  • Avoid reading ldaprc twice.
  • Quote role name in SQL queries.
  • Documentation and sample update.

ldap2pg 3.3

  • Fix unicode management in Python3.
  • Check for name or name_attribute in role rule.
  • Avoid inspecting schema if only synchronizing roles.

ldap2pg 3.2

  • Manage unicode in role name.
  • Tested on Postgres 10.

ldap2pg 3.1

  • Fix unhandled exception when attribute does not exists in LDAP.
  • Use LDAP standard default filter (objectClass=*).
  • Add auth CLI arguments to logged ldapsearch commands.
  • Change Empty mapping error to a warning.

ldap2pg 3.0

  • Breakage: Use Python {} format string for ACL queries instead of named printf style.
  • Support old setuptools.
  • Fix undefined LDAP password traceback.
  • Fix case sensitivity in grant rule.
  • ACL inspect query should now return a new column indicating partial grant.
  • Allow to customize query to inspect roles in cluster.
  • Add check mode: exits with 1 if changes. Juste like diff.
  • Add --quiet option.
  • Add __all__ schema wildcard for looping all schema in databases.
  • Add ACL group to ease managing complex ACL setup.
  • Add Cookbook in documentation.

ldap2pg 2.0

  • Adopt new logo.
  • Inspect, grant and revoke custom ACLs.
  • Reassign objects on role delete.
  • Manage several databases.
  • Move to libldap through pyldap.
  • Accept standard libldap LDAP* env vars.
  • Deprecation: LDAP_* envvars are deprecated in favor of libldap2 regular envvars.
  • Read ldaprc files.
  • SSL/TLS support.
  • SASL authentication support.
  • Read configuration from stdin.

ldap2pg 1.0

  • Bootstrap project
  • Automatic unit and functional tests.
  • Read configuration from CLI arguments, env vars and YAML.
  • Manage Postgres roles, role options and role members.
  • Creates roles from LDAP entries or from static values in YAML.
  • Verbose mode with Postgres and LDAP searches logged.